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Our team of expert translators can handle all of your Japanese translation needs!

transeuro, inc. was emerged from the translation department of Sonderhoff & Einsel Law and Patent Office, which was founded in 1910. Because of our long-term experience as translators of patent applications from German-speaking countries, we can prepare high-quality translations of patent specifications and office actions. Our expertise, however, exceeds the patent realm by far and covers not only contracts and testaments but also court decisions. Our translations can also be certified at the German and Austrian embassies. transeuro, inc. can complete entire projects in-house, and does not need to depend on external translators.

Currently transeuro, inc. is made up of about 45 translators, with everyone expert in a special technical field. Therefore we can build teams according to the nature of a project and guarantee the quality of our translations through very efficient team work. To further raise quality and motivation of our translators we offer internal seminars and provide incentives for employees who pass language proficiency examinations like the “German diploma in Japan” (Dokken) or “English diploma in Japan” (Eiken). transeuro, inc. is aiming towards a new direction as a translation company. No other translation company puts so much emphasis on the German language and has so many translators from diverse technical backgrounds. We would be glad to be of service and show you our unique quality and teamwork.

CEO Yuki Kato

Yuki Kato has more than 30 years' experience in patent translation. His speciality field is in engineering, and in particular automotive engineering. He has been engaged in technical translations since the era of the centrifugal governors, and has always kept up with the state of the art technology, witnessing changes in the common rail systems as well as the advent of the electric vehicle. Since 2013, Yuki has been giving a series of lecture courses called “Translation of German Patent Documents” at the Japanese-German society in Tokyo. Since January 2016 Yuki has been serving as the CEO of transeuro inc. His vision is to aim for a cutting edge "rocking!" translation company which thinks outside the box to come up with unconventional ideas to meet the expectations of our clients.


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